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37 Million tons of CO2 are saved every year by more than four million VLT® variable speed drives installed worldwide from Danfoss.


VLT® AutomationDrive
An extremely flexible and cost-effective drive suitable for all industry applications – from simple speed control to dynamic servo applications. VLT® Automation Drive is the perfect match for pumps and blowers in industrial pump and fan applications.

VLT® AQUA Drive FC202
The VLT® AQUA Drive FC202 drives and controls all types of pumps. In addition to the widely used centrifugal pumps (quadratic load torque), the VLT® AQUA Drive FC202 is ideal for displacement pumps or eccentric screw pumps (constant load torque).

VLT® Midi Drive FC 280
Reach new levels of performance with VLT® Midi Drive FC280, the evolution of the popular VLT® 2800 drive. Profit from new savings, with a wide range of features designed to make installing, using and maintaining the AC drive as simple and as easy as possible. Its exterior dimensions, connectors, cable lengths and set-up software tools allow you to retrofit an established drive panel.

Danfoss Merge FCD302 OGD FC302

VLT® OneGearDrive®
The OneGearDrive® is designed especially for use in the food and beverage industry. It comes in two versions, the HygienicDrive and the Standard version. The Hygienic Drive is certified for use in clean rooms and the pharmaceutical industry. The compact construction of the OneGearDrive® makes it especially suitable for mounting on transport and conveyor systems.

Danfoss FCD302

VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302
The VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 is the new generation of the highly successful VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 platform. It combines the key features of both products in a completely re-designed enclosure, made for best fit on direct machine mounting.

VLT® Micro Drive
A compact general purpose drive for AC motors up to 22kW. It performs perfectly even in complex application set-ups, and optimizes energy efficiency and operation.

VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10
For Managing drive parameters in systems, the new Motion Control Tool MCT 10 is perfect for handling all drive-related data.

Enclosed Drives
The Traditional and Vertical Panel designs provide a centralized drive system featuring main supply disconnect convenience to help ensure operator safety and system protection. Engineered panels are available in a variety of configurations with user-specified options to best match individual application requirements.

VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500
VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 is a total motor starting solution. Current transformers measure motor current and provide feedback for controlled motor ramp profiles. AAC, The Adaptive Acceleration Control, automatically employs the best starting and stopping profile for the application. Adaptive Acceleration Control means that for each start and stop, the soft starter compares and adapts the process to the chosen profile best suited for the application.

VLT® Advanced Harmonic Filter AHF
Easily and effectively reduce harmonic distortion by connecting the AHF 005/010 harmonic filter in front of a Danfoss frequency converter. With a >98% efficiency, the passive AHF offers cost effective and very robust harmonic solutions specifically for power up to 335 HP.


Vacon x5 hazlo

The VACON® 20 has the compactness and programming functionality that makes it one of the most easily-adaptable drives available for OEM applications. Has built-in PLC functionality according to IEC 61131-1 which brings cost savings to the user.

The VACON® X series is a rugged family of variable speed AC drives, built and designed for harsh industrial environments. IP66/UL type 4X and IP55/UL type 3R enclosures are available for the ultimate protection from potential hazards such as moisture, dust or extreme temperatures. Features a built-in multi-step sequencer that can replace a small PLC in many applications. X4 supports 9 steps and X5 supports 25 steps.

The VACON® NXS is an AC drive for heavy use in machines, buildings and all industry. Typical applications include pumps, multi-pump, conveyors, compressors. Seven built-in application packages for easy commissioning of the drive.


The NXP Air Cooled drive is designed for a broad range of demanding industrial applications, focusing on higher power sizes and system drives. NXP control flexibility delivers maximum motor control performance and dynamics in both single-shaft machines and drive systems.

VACON® NXP System Drive
The NXP System Drive is a comprehensive configured common DC bus Drive line up for heavy-industry needs where round-the-clock activity is required leaving little time for maintenance.
The VACON NXP System Drive is built to last. Items such as busbar systems and high/low power devices are separated into individual compartments away from each other. This means that, if an issue occurs, it is compartmentalized and doesn’t cause widespread failure helping to reduce lifetime and maintenance costs.

Vacon x5 hazlo

VACON X5 HazLo is a first in the world of AC drives. It has been cULus certified for Class I, II and III; Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, F and G in a UL Type 4X enclosure.

VACON® 100 INDUSTRIAL is a workhorse for a wide range of industrial applications. It is easy to integrate into all major control systems and is easily adaptable to different needs. All power sizes are available as drive modules. The free-standing enclosed drive version for higher power sizes contain a wide range of configurable options and an innovative control compartment for safe access, without opening the cabinet door.

Delivering all the benefits of the VACON® 100 family of drives, the VACON® 100 FLOW offers dedicated functionality. It improves the flow control and saves energy in industrial pump and fan applications in power sizes up to 800 kW. Provides specific flow control functions to enhance pump and fan performance and protect pipes and equipment, ensuring reliable operation.

The VACON® 20X decentral drive offers all the benefits of decentralized solutions up to 10 HP. Due to the IP66 enclosure and the high vibration resistance the drive is suitable for tough environments. The Gore® vent membrane ensures reliability even when wet.


Robust enclosure and high functionality is provided by the VACON® 100X for indoor and outdoor applications. No extra enclosures – even outdoors. The drive withstands high pressure water, high vibration levels, heat and dirt. The Gore® vent membrane and IP66 enclosure gives you the freedom of indoor and outdoor use.

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Davis Controls-zone3 Davis Controls-zone3 Davis Controls-zone3
Davis Controls-zone3 Davis Controls-zone3
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