Davis News : 85 YEARS - A History of Excellence

On Nov. 01, 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression, Cecil R. Davis founded the ‘Davis Electrical Specialty Company’, offering boiler and refrigeration controls and repair service in downtown Toronto. The original company name was changed shortly thereafter to ‘Davis Automatic Controls Ltd’, and the repair department was re-named ‘Automatic Watchdog Controls’.

Davis Controls was one of the first Canadian companies in the controls and instrumentation business and began operations in a one-room store on Bond Street in the heart of Toronto. Some of our earliest Product lines included Automatic Switch Company (ASCO) solenoid valves, Hammond transformers, General Controls and Mercoid pressure switches.

Davis Controls represents a strong and balanced portfolio of world class products that deliver reliable and cost effective solutions to the Process Engineer looking for a level, flow, pressure or analysis solution, as well as to the manager of a factory automation project looking for programmable or discrete control of an automated operation. Davis Controls offers quality solutions for all sectors of Canadian industry, including Water & Wastewater treatment, Energy Monitoring and Efficiency, Power Generation, Food and Beverage processing as well as to the manufacturing community, including automotive assembly, suppliers of automotive systems, components and modules, packaging machinery, food and beverage equipment and boiler controls.

The Quality Policy of the company is to provide:

  • Expert application advice and information to customers
  • Extensive technical backup
  • State-of-the-art products

…while setting and reviewing objectives for self-improvement that will enhance our success and contribute to the success of our customers and suppliers.

The level of quality we seek to achieve reflects the desire of the Company’s owners and managers to maintain a good reputation in the eyes of customers and users of our products. This reputation is, we believe, good and broadly based, consistent with the length of time of the Company’s existence, since 1933. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards and we work to keep our reputation and standing in the industry high.

This year we are celebrating our 85th year in business and we would like to thank all of the Customers and Suppliers that we have had the privilege to serve throughout these years. Much of the credit for our 85 years of success is directly attributable to the hard work and dedication of our current staff and to everyone who has worked for Davis Controls Ltd. since 1933.