Gems Sensors - FS-B Bi-Directional Flow Switch

August 31, 2020

Gems Sensors has officially launched the FS-B Bi-Directional Flow Switch - an inline flow switch capable of detecting flow in either direction.

What applications can this flow switch be used for?
This flow switch is key for applications where undesired reverse flow is possible and must be prevented to avoid system damage.

 Applications include:
- Automotive Service Carts
- Bi-Directional Hydraulics
- Chemical Dosing & Dispensing (i.e., Beverage Delivery, Cardioplegia & Heating)
- Any closed loop application where direction of flow needs to be indicated

What are the benefits?

The FS-B Bi-Directional Flow Switch is capable of detecting flow and the direction of flow in applications where indication of flow direction is crucial to the system.

A single Bi-Directional Flow Switch can replace the functionality of two traditional flow switches, reducing weight and assembly time.


Attached documents

FS-B Bi-Directional Flow Switch Data Sheet