Davis Controls offers quality solutions, from a strong and balanced portfolio of world class products, to all sectors of the Canadian Process Industry, including Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Mining, Water & Wastewater treatment, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage processing.

Process Control is the automatic control of an output variable by sensing the amplitude of the output parameter from the process and comparing it to the desired (set) level and feeding the error signal back to control an input variable. Automation and Control engineers trying to produce products with increasingly higher quality require consistently tight process control.

Industrial Control variables, from temperature, flow, and pressure to time and distance, can be sensed simultaneously. All of these variables can be interdependent in a single process requiring complex SCADA software and microprocessor systems for total control. New and more efficient measurement techniques are constantly being developed and Davis Controls Ltd has an 85 year history of identifying revolutionary technologies and introducing these innovative solutions to Canadian industry

Cable Solutions
Flowmeters & Flow Computers
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Magnetic Level Gauges
Moisture Instruments
Nitrogen Generation Systems
Oil in Water
Pressure Switch/Transmitters
Process Instrumentation
Recorders & Controllers
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