Nitrogen Generator System

Nitrogen out of thin air


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Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generation Systems offer a less expensive, more efficient and reliable alternative to nitrogen gas cylinders, dewars and bulk tank nitrogen. Balston Nitrogen Generation Systems utilize the most advanced hollow fiber membrane technology available.

Membrane Nitrogen Generation Systems produce up to 99% pure, commercially sterile nitrogen at dewpoints to -58°F (-50°C) from a compressed air supply. All systems include a 0.01 micron membrane filter which ensures the nitrogen is completely free of suspended impurities. For applications requiring monitoring and controlling, models HFXO Series include an oxygen monitor which offers LED readouts and remote alarms. An audible alarm signals high or low oxygen concentrations (determined by the application). The oxygen monitor is supplied with alarm relay outputs which may be used to signal a remote alarm or close the process flow.

Wine Maker Series: A nitrogen blanket reduces the oxygen concentration to less than 0.5% and minimizes contact between oxygen and the wine surface during storage (both pre and post bottling). This will prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes. Nitrogen can also be used to purge air from pipes and hoses prior to bottling and to ensure oxygen is not introduced during transport. Finally, sparging with nitrogen will remove any oxygen or CO2 introduced during handling, helping to preserve wine integrity. A Parker nitrogen generator supplies a continuous stream of nitrogen to displace residual oxygen and fill the voids within the package, preserving taste and freshness and extending shelf life.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

Monobed and Dual Bed PSA Nitrogen Generators offer a less expensive, more efficient and reliable alternative to nitrogen gas cylinders, dewars and bulk tank nitrogen. Wherever there is a need for nitrogen, Balston Nitrogen Generation Systems are capable of providing it for one tenth to one half the cost of merchant nitrogen.

PSA Nitrogen Generators produce up to 99.999% pure, compressed nitrogen at dewpoints to -58°F (-50°C) from nearly any compressed air supply. The generators are designed to continually transform standard compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention.

PSA Nitrogen Generators completely eliminate the inconvenience and the high costs of nitrogen gas cylinders, dewars and bulk tank nitrogen. There is no need to depend on outside vendors for your nitrogen gas supplies. The hassles of changing dangerous, high pressure cylinders and interruption of gas supplies are completely eliminated. The Balston PSA Nitrogen Generators offer long term cost stability eliminating uncontrollable vendor price increases, contract negotiations, long term commitments and tank rentals.