Davis Controls offers quality solutions, from a strong and balanced portfolio of world class products, to all sectors of the Canadian Process Industry, including Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Mining, Water & Wastewater treatment, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage processing.

Davis Controls also provides a comprehensive range of products for the manufacturing community, particularly Automotive and related industries, Packaging Machinery, Food and Beverage equipment, System Integration, Renewable Energy and of course the sector where it all started in 1933, Boiler Controls.

Drives & Softstarter
Absolute & Incremental Encoders
Heavy Duty Encoders
  • Absolute encoders with optical and magnetic scanning. Absolutely versatile – single-turn and multi-turn for reliable positioning without referencing. Optionally with magnetic or optical scanning technology, in many different designs, quick and easy to integrate
  • Incremental encoders for precise speed or acquisition of part location: From the cost-efficient standard versions to the high-resolution design with 320,000 pulses per revolution - in various designs and with robust magnetic or precise optical scanning. Optionally with HTL, TTL, or sine signals and all common mechanical interfaces
  • HeavyDuty encoder technology for extreme applications
  • Bearingless encoders - absolute and incremental bearingless encoders offer non-contact operation. Most are magnetic and all of them are virtually wear-free. Their reliable function is not affected by dust, dirt or humidity. They are extremely resistant to shock and vibration and have a virtually unlimited service life. All Baumer bearingless encoders feature a very short design, so they are perfectly suited for use in cramped installation conditions and on direct drives. Compared to other measuring methods, the magnetic measuring principle tolerates a wide air gap between the sensor and material measure. These encoders can operate reliably even during large shaft movements
  • Precise and compact inclination sensors. Any tilt position safely under control. Angle measurement even in harsh environments. Inclination sensors detect tilt angles at machines and installations towards the horizontal line. Acting as a kind of electronic water scale, inclination sensors are the perfect alternative to standard methods of angle measurement, particularly at hard to access rotation shafts