Antaira - Smart Access Controls

June 23, 2020

Access control is a critical component of facility operations. As breaches in security often yield devastating consequences, there is an ever-present and increasing demand for advanced security technologies that can improve a facility’s readiness and minimize threats from security-related events.

In a number of today’s high-profile buildings, private facilities and residential communities’ access to the premises is restricted. Many have gated entry points that require validation before a person can access the premises. These entry points are protected by manned security guards or through some type of access control station and usually are equipped with license plate readers, surveillance cameras, push-button VoIP phones, and gate sensors. For remote entry points with little to no Ethernet connectivity, solar panels along with industrial Ethernet switches, and sometimes industrial wireless routers, like the ARS-7131-AC-T, provide the power and connectivity needed for communications. For entry points that have Ethernet, use the LEP 301M-KIT to extend Ethernet out the LMP-1002G-SFP-24-T. The LMP-1002G-SFP-24-T connects a ring perimeter to carry video back to a surveillance center, with features like extended temperature, the product is available for use in an array of climates.