Antaira Insight: Introducing Our 802.3bt Product Line

July 23, 2020

As the leader in industrial PoE switches, Antaira Technologies is proud to announce the new line of 802.3bt compliant PoE switches and media converters. The new 802.3bt specification allows 90 to 100 watts to be provided, over all 4 pairs of an RJ45 connector, this is often referred to as 4 pair PoE. Antaira now has five products with this new technology. First, a one-port injector, the INJ-C200G-bt; two media converters, the IMP-C1000-SFP-bt, and the IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-24; and two five-port switches, the LNP-0500G-bt, and the LNP-0500G-bt-24. All of these products meet the new 802.3bt specification, while still being compatible with the older 802.3af and at standards.

Learn more about these new products by watching the video above or by clicking the product details below!



  • 90 to 100 Watts of PoE Power
  • Low-Voltage Input Models Available 
  • Port Power Disable DIP Switch on Select Models
  • Available in Standard & Wide Operating Temperature Options