QC Conveyors - Industry Focus Assembly Conveyors

June 02, 2020

QC Conveyors offers conveyor solutions for:

· Handling full or partial assemblies

· Precision assembly

· Small part handling

· Inspection and rejection

· Packaging

· Carton handling


QC Conveyors’ brushless DC motors are easy to integrate with robots and PLCs.

A free URCap is available that allows conveyors to be controlled directly by a UR

robot, including start/stop, forward/reverse and multiple speed operation.


AS40 Conveyors are available with nosebar tails for even better transfer of small

parts between conveyors or other integrated machines. The thin, 11mm outer

diameter reduces the gap created by the pulley radius at the end of the conveyor.


To aid in part inspection and robot orientation applications, AS40 Conveyors are

available with backlights to provide contrast for vision systems to inspect parts.

QC Conveyors offers backlights from industry leader Spectrum Illumination.

Other backlights can be installed based on customer specifications if required.


Flextrac Series Conveyors feature a space-saving design capable of moving

assemblies and cartons through any facility. Their modular design allows infinite

configurations, including curves and elevation changes to make the maximum use

of space in your facility. They can be quickly reconfigured as requirements change.


IS300 Timing Belt Conveyors are capable of delivering parts to precisely where

they need to be. A timing belt helps makes them make starts and stops that are

accurate to within ±.015”.

Accuracy and flexibility are important aspects of the assembly industry.

QC Conveyors understands these unique needs and stands ready to offer conveyor

solutions — both standard and custom — to meet them.

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QC Conveyors - Industry Focus Assembly Conveyors